​The Long Cross Pennies of Henry III 

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Recent Updates ...

November - a rare class 1a/1b mule, an unusual class Ia of Dublin, and a scarce continental imitation of a class 2 penny. Also a marvellous and rare class 5e Willem of London.

​A long summer break !

June - Class 1a updated, to reflect the difference between subclasses 1a1 and 1a2; one new sub-class 1a1 coin added.

April - Updated London 5a3.

February - added an Irish stylesemi-imitation of Rudolph von Habsburg.  Added a section on the coinage of Henry's brother, Richard of Cornwall.

January 2018 - Added link to Rod Blunt's  CoinSearcher online app.   

December - Separated and expanded the London 5a1 and 5a2 pages.

November - many new coin additions, page added for class 5c1, and a page added for the very rare 2a/1b mule

Aug/Sept - Updates to the class 5 continental imitations, and addition of a section on modern forgeries. (Link), Bury 5g Stephen updated.

July -  Some interesting Norwich coins added in classes 3a1, 3ab1, and 3c.  Also a class 2 imitation. 

April - June Numerous new coins added, 875 different coins now online.

March - Work in progress on the Continental Imitations Sections - particularly Class 3 imitations.


  • Added a new menu to provide easier access to the provincial mints pages.

January 2017

  • Added two class 1a coins, and one class 1a/1b mule, all courtesy of Leeds Museum. Also updated Bury class 2a. Added a class 1a, and a 1b/1a mule, from the Portable Antiquities Scheme database. 


  • Added link to downloadable file - Identification of Henry III pennies part 2, classes 4-7 


  • Added link to downloadable file - Identification of Henry III pennies Part 1, classes 1-3


  • Added many new coins of various mints 




 January 2016

  • Work continues on adding coins from the recently discovered Bridgnorth Area Hoard, later renamed as the Chelmarsh Hoard. 





  •  After a long summer break I am now resuming work on the website! 

                   Currently mostly working on the Irish section.



  • ​The price tables have been revised for classes 1,2 &3

  • The 1b/2 mules section has been revised to show different types


  • Many new coins added, including a number of class 1a and 1b


  • Re-organisation of the London class 1b section

  • Four class 4 coins of London added, courtesy of Alastair Wardle. 


  • Research Article #4 published - “N” Cross-Bar Pellets - A Coded Signature from the Die-Cutter or Simply a Reflection of Changing Style?  Link

  •   Research Note #3 published; an examination of the usage of the letter "H" for an "N" on some coins of the London, Canterbury and Bury Mints.  Link

  January 2015


Acknowledgements:  Thanks are due to the following organisations and individuals for allowing the use of their images and/or their information:  

A.H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd, London,  Ron Churchill,  Bob Thomas,  Alastair Wardle,  AMR Coins   Dix Noonan Webb  Timeline Auctions  CNG   Mike Vosper  Halls Hammered Coins   Hiddenhistory    Mark Winiger   Ian M. Heavisides  York Coins  Lloyd Bennett  A.G.& S Gillis  Glenn Schaap  The Fitzwilliam Museum (Cambridge University),  UKDFD,  Del ParkerLeodis Hammered Coins,  Alfredo De La Fé of Agora Auctions,  The Old Currency Exchange, Dr Patrick Brown, Rod Bluntand various other coin owners and enthusiasts who wish to remain anonymous.  Images from the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) are used under a CC BY-SA licence, and also images from the British Museum are used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.

Please note that the fact that a person or organisation has contributed or allowed the use of their images does not imply that they endorse any of the comments made, or opinions expressed, by the website author.


This website is a gallery for show-casing selected images of the Long Cross pennies of Henry III, and the posthumous class 6/7 coins issued under Edward I.  In here will be found hundreds of images of scarce or rare types, as well as some examples of more common types but in better than average condition. On the Prices page you'll find the current approximate market values for many of the coins illustrated.

If you're having trouble determining which class a coin belongs to, try the Class Identifier

The site is continually under revision, so do check back at a future date to see the growing image collection.

Images are of coins not only from my own collection, but also selected examples from other enthusiasts and auction houses - if you have a coin that you think deserves to be shown then please email me using the contact section.  Please note that this is a non-commercial website and so none of the coins are for sale.  My spare coins are offered on a separate website: www.coinsales.eu

Throughout I have extensively used the Churchill-Thomas classification (2012), and varieties are often referenced to the Churchill-Thomas numbers as published in their highly useful reference book on the 1908 Brussels Hoard.

Another significant and valuable resource for background information is Ron Churchill's Mints and Moneyers book.

For a useful summary article by Richard Kelleher click here.