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There are three main sections - relating to Henry's long cross pennies of English mints, Ireland and finally continental imitations.

The English section is subdivided by mints - firstly the major mints of London and Canterbury and the ecclesiastical mints of Durham and Bury St Edmunds, then all the provincial mints are featured in alphabetical order.  Coins for each mint are shown in class order, with moneyers alphabetically under each class. Throughout the site the classification scheme of Churchill & Thomas ("C&T") is used. Website users should realise that there is a lot of variation and transition amongst these long cross coins and that some coins will not clearly fall into the C&T classification scheme. The menu item "Values" provides an index to all the coins on the site, including their current values, and is organised by class rather than mint.  Most coin images have now been hyperlinked to the relevant valuation list. Click or double-click on a coin image to see coin values, and use your browser back button to return to the page you were on.

Notes: (1)   I have occasionally abbreviated the two major hoards, the Brussels Hoard and the Colchester Hoard, as “BH” and “CH”.   (2)   The letter I at the beginning of a moneyers name represents a J.  So in my notes  I usually refer to Jon not Ion,  Jerveis not Ierveis and Jacob not Iacob.  Also note that Jacob is the latinised form (Jacobius) of James e.g  “Iacob” appears on coins of Bristol for the moneyer James la Warre.

Key reference material used on this website is as follows:


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The Irish Issues:

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Continental Imitations

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Anonymous website of Sterling Imitations & Contemporary Forgeries

Other Online Resources

The Conte Collection, purchased by the Fitzwilliam Museum, contains some marvellous Henry III long cross pennies. These can be viewed online starting on this page.

​The Long Cross Pennies of Henry III