‚ÄčThe Long Cross Pennies of Henry III 

Coin Ref # BRJN6003

Class 6 (Edward I)

Jon  (John de Burnedisse)

Another example, very similar to the one above. This one sold on Ebay, Feb. 2015.

This one nicely shows the lombardic "n" on the reverse.

Coin Ref # BRJN6001

Coin Ref # BYJN7012

Class 6 (Edward I)

Jon  (John de Burnedisse)

No coins minted after Class 5g were present in the Brussels Hoard.  Class 6 coins were rare until the discovery of about 1900 examples from Bury in the 1969 Colchester Hoard. This one is typical of the crude facial features characteristic of the class.

Obv: facing bust with sceptre and HENRICVS REX III legend. Rev: voided long cross and pellets dividing ION ONS EIN TED legend for the monyer Jon at Bury St Edmunds.  Some varieties have a lombardic N.    This coin sold by Timeline Auctions, 19-March-2010, lot # 220

Class 7 (Edward I)

Jon  (John de Burnedisse)

Obv: hENRICVS REX III' - no ligations, four pellets under crown, half fleurs at crown ends. Realistic hair. Eyes with eyeballs.

Rev: IOh/OnS/ENT/EDM - "n" in 2q is of lombardic style.   RIC:~13.

Notes: Very rare.  Images courtesy of an anonymous collector, and ex Mike Vosper.

Bury St. Edmunds,  Classes 6 & 7