Imitation of Nicole of Canterbury

Obv:  Bust similar to class 3c type, but with IM3 not IM4. Pellets outside the hair curls. Round eyes. Obverse looks a fairly convincing imitation and it is the reverse that gives it away.

Rev: NIC/OLE/ONC/ONC - the two "ON"s ligated.  RIC: 8-9

CT Type ........................... Not listed

Provenance: DNW auction 11th June 2014, part of lot # 295, ex Jim Sazama.

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Continental Imitations : Class 3 - Canterbury

​The Long Cross Pennies of Henry III 

c) Canterbury - Colon Uncertain

Coin reference: CIF3022

​​Imitation of Nicole of Canterbury

Obv:  No sceptre, class 3 imitation, no colon, but a pellet after the X. III appears instead as IH. Round eyes.  Mintmark irregular, six points.. No necklines. Prominent central fleur.


Notes: North BNJ 1995 # 16. 
Image courtesy of DNW, coin auctioned June 11th 2014, part of lot 294.

a) Canterbury - Coins without Colons 

Imitation of Gilbert of Canterbury, Shield Type

Obv:  Note the shield above the central fleur. These shield initial marks are also seen on imitations of the Hereford mint, and are a sure sign of a continental imitation.

Rev: GIL/BER/TOH/CAN,  Note that there is only a single pellet in each of the four quadrants, rather than the usual 3.   RIC : 8

Notes: Very rare, images of a coin from the British Museum, # 1914,0710-278

Imitation of Nicole of Canterbury

Obv: HRENRICVS REX: - the E is reversed, NR ligated. No initial mark. Pelleted central fleur raised above the inner circle. Colon after REX.

Rev: HIC/OLE/OHC/ANT - with OH and AN ligated.  RIC 8-10.


Notes: Images courtesy of DNW - coin auctioned 11th Feb. 2014, part lot 230 (Coin #1).

Coin Ref # CIF3040

Coin reference: CIF3003

Imitation of Jon of Canterbury

Obv: hEN[RICV]S REX II, with initial mark 2.
​No colon after REX. Oval eyes, necklines present.


Weight ...................................... 1.33 gm

Notes: Bust and text are crude, regnal number incorrect (II not III), and initial mark is the wrong type for a class 3 coin.  

(North, BNJ 1995, 12, this coin; cf. N. 991ff; cf. S 1367ff).

Provenance: DNW auction 4th December 2013, part of lot 2323, ex Jim Sazama collection.

b) Canterbury - Coins with Colons