​The Long Cross Pennies of Henry III 

Imitation of Rener? of Unknown Mint

Obv: hEHRICVS REX·HI'  Large initial mark similar to type 3. Thick stem to the Central Fleur. Crude bust.

Rev: REI/ERO/NEI/EMRV - EMR is ligated. RIC: 8.

Weight ...............................................  1.30 gm

Notes: Provenance: DNW auction 4th December 2013, part of lot 2324, ex Jim Sazama.


Imitation of a Class 3 coin of Unknown Mint

Obv: Blundered legend, crude bust, over-sized central fleur, irregular inner circle of coarse pellets. Not a good imitation of a gentuine English coin, and possibly a crude forgery.

Rev: Crude design with blundered legend. 

Weight .............................  0.77 gm.

Notes: Possibly a continental imitation, or alternatively a forgery, blundered legends, (North, BNJ 1995, 50, this coin; cf. N 986ff; cf. S 1362ff) Provenance: J. Sazama Collection. From the DNW auction 16th Sept. 2014, part lot 2862.

There were further CI coins in a Sept 2014 sale; selected ones will be added at a later date....

CIF 5142

Coin Ref # CIF3033

Imitation of Nicole of London?

Obv: Large irregular initial mark, crude bust, three large pellets and one smaller under crownband, unusual central fleur, narrow neck, text blundered.

Rev:​ NIE/OLE/OIII/VNE or similar.


Notes: A crude imitation or forgery of a class 3 penny, images of a coin in the British Museum Collection, BM ref # 19381104.78.

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Coin Ref # CIF3016


Class 3, Nicole

Obv: A very crude representation of a Henry III penny, though until one examines the reverse it's almost impossible to identify it. Garbled legend. 

Rev: NIC/OLE/ONL/VND - or similar.
​RIC: ~9

Note: Images courtesy of Steve Elden at Hidden History. The coin is a metal detecting find from Norfolk. It has a diameter of 18mm, and a weight of only 1.0 gm. The metal is not silver, but copper or maybe a copper rich alloy.  
​.. A 13th century peasant would not want to be caught trying to pass this off as the real thing!

Coin Ref # CIF3015

Imitations : Class 3 - Probable Contemporary Forgeries

This cut half is probably a contemporary forgery. There was probably not much of an incentive for the continental manufacturers of Henry III imitations to produce cut halfpennies, and the legend on this one looks rather strange - particularly the sideways "S".  

The obverse appears to be a copy of a class 3 colon coin, and the reverse text reads ___/OLE/OIT/___ - probably a copy of a NICOLE coin of London or Canterbury.  However the reverse text is not one that has been recorded on any of the class 3 colon imitations documented in the Brussels Hoard by Churchill and Thomas.

The coin is a metal detector find from Corpusty in north Norfolk.


Coin Ref # CIF3014

Unknown Moneyer & Mint

Obv: Blundered lettering, but the normal text of hENRICVS REX III is discernible. Strange initial mark offset left of center. Crude bust clearly not of official English issue.

Rev: Crude lettering difficult to read.

Weight .............................  0.93 gm

Notes: Coins this crude may be contemporary English forgeries rather than continental imitations. Provenance: DNW auction 4th December 2013, part of lot 2324, ex Jim Sazama.