‚ÄčThe Long Cross Pennies of Henry III 



.. and another couple of examples....



Since posting the above I've been notified of another example..... this one is 1.19 gms.


The pictures illustrate two coins in my collection; the one on the left is a recent Ebay purchase, and the one on the right is an Ebay purchase I made several years ago.   The vendor of the recent coin was quite honest, and described it in his listing as a forgery, despite it looking quite realistic. However it only weighs 1.08 gm.  The coin on the right can be seen to be practically identical - look at the pattern of clipping, the position of dents, the position of scratches - e.g the long scratch near the RH neck line, and on the reverse note the identical number of pellets in the inner circle for each quadrant.  This coin weighs a more respectable 1.27 gm, but still less than the 1.4+ gm that we like to see.  I have little doubt that these are both modern forgeries made in recent years.  I would suggest that you check your own collections to see if you have any identical coins; and I would be interested in hearing from you if you have.  

Page updated: Sept 11th 2017

Imitations : Class 3 - Modern Forgeries

Newcastle, Class 3c, Roger