​The Long Cross Pennies of Henry III 

Page updated: Jan 31st 2018

Shield mintmark continental imitations are also known for Gilbert of Canterbury.



a) The "Shield Mintmark" ​​​Imitations of Richard of Hereford


Obv: hEHRICVS R[...........]  IM appears more like a type 2 than the expected type 3.

​Rev: R[IC/A]RD/OHW/HLI - with OH ligated. RIC: 7-9

C/T type ............ 3.285?

Notes: The initial mark, the lettering, and the general appearance of the coin indicate this is a continental imitation. Images courtesy of Mark Winiger.


CIF 3005

An ​​​Imitation of Richard of Wallingford

Similar to the others, this one sold in a W.A.G auction, April 2014.

​​​Imitation of Richard of Hereford

This coin was sold in the Morton and Eden auction on Dec 7th, 2017.  Lot #92.  It was described in the auction catalogue as...

*Imitation: Westphalia, Heinrich der Bogener von Oldenburg-Wildeshausen (1233-1270), sterling, attributed to Vlotho, near Herford; a close imitation of a Henry III Class 3b penny but with a single pellet in each angle of reverse, obv., triangular mintmark and legend hENRICVS REX III, facing bust, rev., voided long cross, legend with several ligated letters RIOARD ON hERE, 0.99g (see P. Berghaus, Waerungsgrenzen des Westfaelischen Oberweser-Gebietes im Spaetmittelalter, p 6, and P. Berghaus, Muenzgeschichte Herfords, 1971, pl. 18), very fine, extremely rare      £300-500 (estimate)

On the day it went for a hammer price of £5,550 !

It is interesting that the coin has been related to Herford, which is located to the NW of Lemgo and Detmold, two other locations associated with H3 imitations; however I suspect the attribution may be wrong, and that the coin really does imitate the English town of Hereford.


​Obv: Note the unusual initial mark, having a shield above the central fleur.  Pointed chin, oval eyes, thick crownband. No necklines.

Rev: RIC/ARD/ONh/ERE - AR,NH & ER ligated.
Note that each quadrant has only a single pellet rather than the usual three.    ​RIC: 7

CT Type ........................................ 3.242/3.244

Weight ................................................. 0.96 gm

Notes: Images of a coin in the British Museum Collection, BM ref # 1938,1104.77.

Another example of the coin above, but this one having a more rounded chin.

1.14g/7h (Berghaus p.6). 

Provenance: DNW, 8th December 2014, lot #2261, ex J. Sazama. Spink Auction 195, 26 June 2008, lot 668.

This coin is very similar to CIF-3006 above. It has a very similar bust, though it looks as if there are some differences in the lettering, so probably not the same obverse die. The two reverse dies do look to be the same though.  

​​Imitation of Jon of Gloucester

Obv:  No sceptre, class 3 imitation, no colon. hENRICUS REX III’.  Oval eyes.  Mintmark type 3, 6 points. Necklines.

Rev: ION/ON/ELO/VCE - with pellet on N in 2nd quadrant. This die appears to be the same as that as on a class 5 imitation Gloucester shown elsewhere on this website.

Notes:  Image courtesy of DNW, coin offered at auction in June 2014 - lot 298.

c) Provincial Mints - Coins with Colons 

b) Other Provincial Mints - Coins without Colons 

Continental Imitations : Class 3 - Provincial Mints

Scarcer than coins of London or Canterbury, and some statistics will be added in due course.