​The Long Cross Pennies of Henry III 

Coin Ref: CIF-3049


Page updated: July 2nd 2017.

Coin Ref # CIF3025

Class 3 Imitation 

Mint/Moneyer imitated unknown.

Obv: hENRICVS REX III'   Pellet after REX, oval eyes.
Unnaturally wide beard. mm3.

Rev:  Hard to decipher, but looks like NIC/RIC/__V/NCE    RIC: 9-10

Notes:   Images courtesy of Dix Noonan Webb, coin auctioned Feb 11th 2015, part of lot # 63 Provenance: Jim Sazama collection.

Continental Imitations : Class 3 - Unknown Mints and/or Moneyers

Many of the class 3 imitations have legends which cannot be clearly assigned to a particular mint or moneyer.

Class 3 Imitation

Obv: hER:IC US [R]EX III'   Thin and spindly initial mark. Evident guide line for inner circle.  

Rev: G.BO/RAR/DCN/[   ] - Second quarter may read PAR, third quarter may be DEN. 

Legend is similar to C/T 3.074, attributed to Boppard, a small town on the Rhine just south of Coblenz, and possibly issued by William of Holland who was killed in battle in 1256.

Coin found by a metal detectorist, Feb 2015, Chadlington, Oxfordshire. 

Class 3 Imitation


Obv: hENRICVS REX III' - with a pellet after REX.

Rev: WIL/LE[M]/NNE/RIN - imitated mint name unclear. RIC: 8-9.

Notes: Images courtesy of Glenn Schaap, this coin was one of 3 from lot 2936  auctioned by WAG, auction 67, 17-18 September, 2013.