​The Long Cross Pennies of Henry III 

Coin Ref # CIF5084

Page updated: 5th September 2017

Class 5 Imitation


Obv: hENRCIVS REX III   Note the mis-spelling.  Round eyes.


Notes: ex Spinks Auction 25/09/2013, Part of Lot 363.  [RP-1721]

Imitation of Henri of London

Obv: Narrow bust, pointed chin, round eyes, unusual "S" and "X".  Note the "E" is placed above the central fleur rather than to the left. Narrow crown-band.

Rev: hEN/RIO/IL[V]/NOE - 1q "N" is reversed, 4q NO reverse ligated.  RIC: 7.

Provenance: DNW June 11th 2014 - Pt Lot 296

Class 5 imitation

Henri,  London

Obv: hENRICUS REX III'   - NR ligated. Oval eyes. Unusually wide crownband, and unusually wide stem to the central fleur. Necklines

Rev: RIO/[h]EN/NLV/NDE - 1q and 2q clipped and text unclear.

Notes: Ebay sale, July 2015. Ebay # 252011399357.

Imitation of Henri of London

Obv: Imitating class 5b2 - round eyes, R type 1, X type 4.

Rev: hCI/RIO/IHV/NDE     RIC: 9-10

​Provenance: DNW Auction 4th December 2013, pt of lot 2323, ex Jim Sazama collection.

Rev: hCN/RIO/LLV/[NDE], RIC: 9.

Notes: DNW auction, 17th September 2014, part lot 2864a.

Imitation of Henri of London

Obv:  A reasonable imitation of possibly a class 5c (note the oval eyes) but note the irregular mouth, and the sure give-away which is the inverted "S".

Continental Imitations: Class 5 - London, Moneyer: Henri

Imitations of class 5 VLC pennies are the most numerous in the Brussels hoard. Again, London and Canterbury are the predominant mints imitated, though there are class 5 imitations of some of the provincial mints, despite the fact that these mints were not operating at the time class 5 coins were being minted; examples include Gloucester and Wilton.  

Imitation of Henri of London

Obv: The most unusual feature on this one is the large central fleur having a straight cross-bar.  ALso note the unusual "S".
Pellets in the field outside the lower hair curl. R1, X4, oval eyes.

Rev: hEN/RIO/IIIV/NDE - with EN and ND ligated.

Notes: DNW auction, 17th September 2014, part lot 2863b.  Provenance: J. Sazama Collection

Imitation of Henri of London

Obv: Broad bust, with small pellets in the field, and "necklace" on the neck (as seen on some class 5g coins). Irregular mouth. Central fleur normal.Strange "R" - similar to R type 2. X type 4. Most importantly, the "I" of hENRICVS is absent.

Rev: hEN/[RI]O/NLV/NDE - En & ND ligated.

​Weight........................................... 1.37 gm

Notes: DNW auction, 2nd April 2014, part lot 272b.  ex Jim Sazama collection.   cf. North, BNJ 1995, 111


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