Obv:  Prominent central fleur. Necklines. Inner circle continues over crown as plain line. Shaped crown-band with large pellet end ornaments. Round eyes. Pellets in field outside hair curls. Large central beard pellet.

Rev: NIC/OLE/ONC/ONT - ON & ON ligated. RIC:8.

Notes:    Sold on Ebay, January 2016.

Coin reference: CIF5124



Obv: Fairly realistic class 5 with wedge tailed R and X type 4 - round eyes. Note the pellets outside the hair curls.

Rev: HIC/OLE/DNB/ANT - with AN ligated. RIC:7, with guide line visible.

Note: DNW auction, Sept. 2014,part lot # 2860b.

Coin reference: CIF5022

Coin reference: CIF5020



Obv:   Necklines. Prominent central fleur. R1, X4. Thin crown-band.

Rev: NIC/OLE/ONC/ONT - ON & ON ligated.

Notes: North BNJ 1995 # 34. 
Image courtesy of DNW, coin auctioned June 11th 2014, part of lot 295 (295-3).



Obv: Fairly realistic class 5 with wedge tailed R and X type 4 - oval eyes - imitating sub-class 5c2.  

Rev: NI/ON/ON/CAI or similar

Note: Image courtesy of DNW - coin auctioned 11th June 2014. Part of lot # 297.  Overall a good imitation of a genuine Henry III penny, with the reverse lettering being the give-away.



Obv: Note () between h & E.  Necklines?  Round eyes. Mixed style of letter R.

Rev: Uncertain Moneyer, blundered legend… (T)ENR/ONC/AN/()()V 
​Possibly Henri/Canterbury, 

Note: Spinks Auction 25/09/2013, part of lot #227.   [RP-1717].

Coin reference: CIF5021


Possibly an imitation of Nicole, 

Obv: hENRICUS REX III - NR is ligated, and the N reversed.  

Rev: HIC/OLH/DNB/ANT - the 2q "L" is inverted, NB and AN ligated. Bust of coarse appearance. Pellets below the two hair curls either side of bust.

Weight....................................................1.41 gm

Notes: Ebay # 351375005237  April-june 2015 - Advertised by John Newman Coins as "Buy it Now" at £220.

Coin reference: CIF5018

Coin reference: CIF5023



Obv: hENRICVS REX III - with NR ligated.  Thick crown band with low central fleur as in a 5g coin. (Perhaps not a C.I.?)

Rev: WIL/LEM/ONC/ANT - the M is poorly struck, NC and AN ligated. NC ligation is not normal, usually it would be the O Ligated to the N.

Note: Image courtesy of DNW - coin auctioned 11th June 2014. Part of lot # 294. Cf. North, BNJ 1995, #98.

Continental Imitations: Class 5 of Canterbury

Imitations of class 5 VLC pennies are the most numerous in the Brussels hoard. Again, London and Canterbury are the predominant mints imitated, though there are class 5 imitations of some of the provincial mints, despite the fact that these mints were not operating at the time class 5 coins were being minted; examples include Gloucester and Wilton.  

Coins below are arranged alphabetically by moneyer....

Coin reference: CIF5019



Obv: Partially struck off flan. R1, X4. Note crescents around lower hair curl.

Rev: ROB/ERT/ONC/ANT - retrograde. RIC: 8-9.

​Weight .......................................... 1.30 gm

Note: North BNJ 1995, 75, this coin.

Image courtesy of DNW - coin auctioned December 2014. Part of lot # 2595.

Coin Ref # CIF5070

Coin reference: CIF5022

Coin reference: CIF5059

​The Long Cross Pennies of Henry III 

Class 5 Imitation 

Roberd, Canterbury

Obv: hENRICVS REX III   Well cut die - oval eyes: imitation of class 5c. Unusual RH side decoration on sceptre head. Unusual X - mix of two styles.

Rev:  ROB/ERD/ONC/ANT  - with ON and AN ligated, and pellets on the Ns.

C&T type 5.261... one specimen in the Brussels Hoard.

Notes: Genuine English Roberd on Canterbury 5c coins are scarce - and one wonders how scarce this imitation might be.   Images courtesy of Dix Noonan Webb, coin auctioned Feb 11th 2015, part of lot # 63 Provenance: Jim Sazama collection.

Coin reference: CIF5013

Page updated: September 2017



Obv: Crude lettering/design. 

Rev: ROB/ERT/ONC/ANT - with ON and AN ligated. Lettering on reverse is a different style and a better imitation than that on the obverse.

Note:  Image courtesy of DNW - coin auctioned 11th June 2014. Part of lot # 295. Cf. North, BNJ 1995, #105.