CI: Class 5c2 

Ricard, London?


Rev: RIC/ARD/LLD/VID - - 1q C reversed, 3q may contain one normal L and one inverted L.  Oval eyes, wedge-tailed R... imitation of class 5c2


BH:  Text not seen in Brussels Hoard.

Weight: 1.16 gm.

Notes: Images courtesy of Dix Noonan Webb, coin auction Feb 11th 2015, Lot 229, #2 of 7. Provenance: Jim Sazama collection. Coin previously sold at Kunker auction 130, , lot #1864, October 2007. Pre-sale estimate was 200 Euros, but it went for 460 Euros! Kunker auction catalogue speculated that it might be of Lippische origin.  Believed to be from the De Wit collection.

Continental Imitations: Class 5 - London - Other Moneyers (excl. Henri and Nicole)

Imitations of class 5 VLC pennies are the most numerous in the Brussels hoard. Again, London and Canterbury are the predominant mints imitated, though there are class 5 imitations of some of the provincial mints, despite the fact that these mints were not operating at the time class 5 coins were being minted; examples of these include Gloucester and Wilton.  

​The Long Cross Pennies of Henry III 


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Obv: Nothing wrong with the text, however bust looks a little unusual .. it is fairly wide but the chin is weakly defined on the left.

Rev: It is the reverse text that gives this one away as being an imitation... 

WIL/LEM/LVN/LOH - with EM and OH ligated.

Notes: DNW auction, 11th June 2014, part lot 296c.

3rd quadrant.



Obv: Note the bent sceptre and prominent wide neck.

Rev: WIL/LEM/ONL/VHD  - with EM & HD ligated and pellet on M.

 Notes: ex Spinks Auction 25/09/2013, Part of Lot 227.  [RP-1253]


Class 5c, Ricard

Circa 1265 AD, continental imitation of Class 5c.

Obv: facing bust with sceptre and HENRICVS REX III legend.

Rev: voided long cross and pellets with RID ARMD ONL VND blundered legend with letters ligated copying the moneyer Ricard at London mint.​  

Image courtesy of TimeLine Auctions.  Auction held 30-Nov-2011, Lot # 226