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           Bernhard III of Lippe

                Henry of Sternberg

                      Adolph of Schwalenberg

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Continental Imitations : Class 3

​Class 3 imitations have been primarily sub-divided by Churchill and Thomas into those with colons in the obverse legend (imitating classes 3a2, 3c, 3d1, 3d2) and those without (classes 3a/3b); there being 185 colon coins and 751 non-colon coins in the BH. In their book, Churchill and Thomas provide a detailed catalogue of all the class 3 imitations.  Although the majority of the coins can be identified as imitations of the London or Canterbury mints, there are coins which can be identified as coming from some of the other mints including Gloucester, Hereford, Northampton, Wallingford and Winchester.  Many of the class 3 imitations have legends which cannot be clearly assigned to a particular mint.


Coins are arranged firstly by mint imitated, where this can be interpreted. Coins relating to unknown mints are listed at the end.  London and Canterbury mints are followed by the provincial mints, which are scarcer.    Secondly, the class 3 coins are subdivided under each mint by those having no colon after REX from those that have.

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​The Long Cross Pennies of Henry III