Page updated: July 2nd 2017

CIF 5500


Class 5, Nicole

Obv: hENRICVS REX III'  - with NR ligated. Pelleted crownband. Round eyes. "Necklace" on neck below the beard (normally seen on class 5g).

Rev: NIC/OLE/ONL/VND - NL and ND ligated. 
​RIC: 6-7.

Weight ...................................... 1.24 gm

Note: Nicole stopped minting in 5c2 but this coin has characteristics of coins seen early in 5d including the outline of pellets across the crown bar, and the central fleur is not typical of a 5c2. Possibly a continental imitation, sold by Saxbys.

Class 5 Imitation or Forgery?

Renaud, London

Obv: NRICVSREX / RICVS  - Possibly a remnant sceptre - overstruck with the second hENRICVS.  Oval eyes. Strange "R".  Form of "S" suggests class 5g,

Rev:  RENI/AVD/OHL/[___]   Striking error has resulted in additional half limb of the cross.   RIC:8

Notes:   Mis-strike.  Images courtesy of DNW, coin auction March 18th 2015, part of lot # 527 (coin #5)


With some coins it is easy to see that they are not genuine English issues, and the question then arises as to whether they are continental imitations or forgeries, of either English or continental origin.  In general, I tend to think of the cruder coins as more likely to be forgeries, though with some coins it is difficult to be sure.  Anyone having views on any of the coins shown below is encouraged to contact me.

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