‚ÄčThe Long Cross Pennies of Henry III 

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The defining feature of 5h pennies is a central fleur of 3 pellets, sometimes in a stacked triangle, but degenerating into a line of pellets. This latter type may consist of 5 pellets with often two smaller pellets either side of a central larger pellet. Some pellets may have their own short stalks. Letter styles are R3 and X6, with X5 rarely occurring.  

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All have relatively thick crown bands, and R as shown above.

Coins with Sceptre - Classes 5g, 5h, 5i

5h coins deteriorate further with time and transition into 5i, which have quite a coarse appearance. Typically ENR will be ligated rather than just NR, though the example shown here only has NR ligated and may be transitional between 5h and 5i. Another typical feature of 5i is the absence of the three pellets below the crown, or occasionally pellets in a group other than the normal straight line.   Later class 5i coins have an "S" which almost looks like the number "8", as shown in the example here. 

 Classes 5g, 5h, & 5i