Class 3d3 

Mintmark type 5 - eight rayed star rather than 6,  indicates newly defined sub-class 3d3 when found on coins from the London mint.

Class 3a2, 

Mintmark type 3* - sharp pointed star, but lower ray pointing down towards central crown ornament.

Classes 3bc, 3c, 3d1, 3d2 

Mintmark type 4, star with blunt ends: rounded or angular.

Also note that coins from these classes often have a colon after REX.

Classes 3a1, 3ab1, 3ab2, 3b

Mintmark type 3 - sharp pointed star,   straddling the central crown ornament.

Coins with No Sceptre

Class 3

Ten sub-classes are recognised using a combination of features.  When the mintmark is clear enough it is a convenient starting point for identification.  Four mintmarks are seen in the Class 3 group: types 3, 3*, 4 and 5.

​The Long Cross Pennies of Henry III