​The Long Cross Pennies of Henry III 


Round eyes and X2


Round eyes and X4

Classes  5b2, 5c2, 5c3

All have X4​​


Round Eyes & Normal Central Fleur, X4


Almond-shaped eyes & Normal Central Fleur, X4

Coins with Sceptre - Class 5

Crowns with Pellet Ends....


5g, 5h, & 5i

All have relatively thick crown bands.

This coin clearly has pellet end ornaments to the crown, X type 2 and round eyes - suggesting sub-class 5a2. However when we look at the two instances of the letter R, the first one is clearly the wedge-shaped R1 whilst the second is either R1 or possibly R2.   R style 1 does occur on 5b2, 5c2 and 5c3.  The round eyes rule out the 5c pennies, and the style of the letter X (X2) leans against all three. The coin appears to perhaps be transitional between 5a2 and 5b2. The reverse of the coin shows clear examples of R2 supporting the 5a2 interpretation - and this is probably C/T type L549. The wedge-shaped R though may confuse many collectors.


.... not all coins neatly fit into the above scheme

Example - a class 5 coin of Ricard of London:


Almond-shaped eyes and X4


Almond-shaped eyes & Disjointed Central Fleur, X4

Classes  5a2,  5a3

& Class 5c1

Now look at the style of the letter R on the obverse...

R1 wedge & R1 extended wedge (R4)                R2 - Ball-footed                                           R3