​The Long Cross Pennies of Henry III 

Identification Using the Reverse Legend

Page added: January 28th 2018

Rod Blunt has a useful identification aid on his website, and has kindly allowed me to provide details here.  His CoinSearcher program is designed to help identify coins that have incomplete legends, either as a result of wear or damage, or because they are halves or quarters that have been intentionally made by cutting full coins to provide small change (i.e. cut halfpennies and farthings).

Instructions : Use the CoinSearcher link below and then type the letters that can be read on the coin into the search field. If some letters are illegible but can be identified as single characters, represent each one by typing a question mark (?). If there is an unknown number of letters between two that are legible in the legend, type an asterisk (*) between them. Do not type spaces, stops of any kind, or any other characters in the search field. Searches are case-insensitive, so ABC, Abc, abc, etc. will produce the same results.

In addition to using the question mark and asterisk as ‘wildcards’ in the manner described above, the cross-ends that divide the legend, represented by the slash sign (/), must also be entered to the search field. (There will always be two on a cut farthing, three on a cut halfpenny and four on a full coin.)   e.g. /NIC/OLE/  or  /LVN/DEN/

Click the Search button and CoinSearcher will list the results in the table below. Note that it might be necessary to scroll the table to see all results if the search is based on very few letters.

... With thanks to Rod Blunt.