​The Long Cross Pennies of Henry III 

Coin Ref # IR059

Class Ib


Obv: hENRI/CUSR/EX III    ENR ligated. Non-pierced cinqfoil.  Shoulders.   Beard: well-formed double line of pellets. Pellets in legend.   X type is Xa.

Rev: DAV/ION/DIV/ELI     RIC: 8-9.

Weight: 1.48 gm

Notes: Images courtesy of Del Parker, # 73.

Coin Ref # IR077

Class Ib


Obv: hENRICUS REX III'  - ENR ligated, shoulders, non-pierced hexfoil. Central fleur.


Coins of this class & moneyer in BH: 84

Notes: Coin advertised for sale by Silbury Coins.

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Page updated: November 20th 2016

Class Ib

Single-lined triangle, plain crown-band, beard - single or part-double line of pellets, cinqfoil.

Although the Irish coins were struck in Ireland, the dies were probably produced in London by Richard Bonaventure (Ricard) and David of Enfield (Davi). Some 2000 Henry III coins were in the Brussels hoard. Ricard more than twice as common as Davi, but both moneyers had 84 coins of Class 1b.

Ireland - Class I (Cont.)

Coin Ref # IR041

Class Ib


Obv: hENRI/CUSR/EX III   Shoulders present. X type is Xa.


​Image courtesy of Halls Hammered Coins   (HHC-2767).

Coin Ref # IR028

Coin Ref # IR024

Class Ib


Obv: hENRI/CUSR/EX III  Note the pellets in the obverse legend. Shoulders. Unusual cinqfoil. X type is Xa.

Rev: RIC/ARD/OND/IVE    RIC: 8 -8.5.

Image courtesy of Dix Noonan Webb.   DNW Auction 18-Sept-2012, Lot # 2352; and sold for a relatively high price.

Class Ib


Obv: Central fleur indicates class 1, the single line triangle and cinqfoil show this to be class 1b.  An unusual feature on this coin is that there is an inner pelleted circle in the region outside the triangle. X type is Xa.

Rev: RIC/ARD/OND/IVC -  AR & ND ligated.  RIC: ~8.

​Notes: Offered for sale on Ebay, November 2016.