‚ÄčThe Long Cross Pennies of Henry III 

Page added: Nov 30th 2017

Class 1b/2 mules are not rare; with 98 being studied by Churchill and Thomas in the Brussels Hoard, the opposite mule, 2a/1b, was unknown until 2006.  Churchill and Thomas had surmised that the 1b reverse dies were withdrawn when the class 2a dies were delivered, but this now appears to have not been the case. With only one known specimen of 2a/1b it is unlikely that many of these coins were struck, and it will be interesting to see if further examples emerge.  This coin is currently one off the great rarities of the Henry III long cross series.

Class 2a/1b Mule 

No Moneyer


Rev: LIE/TER/CI'./LVH   RIC: ~10

Coins of this class & moneyer in BH......... 0 
Number of different C&T types in BH....... 0
Churchill & Thomas Type for this coin.....n/a
Number of coins of this type in BH.......... 0

Notes: A 2006 metal detecting find. This coin is illustrated in the Churchill and Thomas volume on the Brussels Hoard. Very rare; the only known example. 

Henry III : London Mint :  2a/1b mules

Coin ref # LNNN2126