‚ÄčThe Long Cross Pennies of Henry III 

Class 3b - NIC/OLE/ONL/VND - and it's variants

London, Class 3b

London class 3b pennies were issued by Nicholas of St Albans and Henry Frowick - coins of both moneyers are common.

Page updated Nov 5th 2016

As previously noted, die cutters used, apparently at random,  an "N" or alternatively an "H" for the letter N throughout the voided long cross series. In looking at the statistics for the 3b coins of Nicole in the Brussels Hoard it seems that usually an N alone was used - but occasionally a mix of N and H is seen.

For class 3b, almost 82% of the London/Nicole pennies use all "N"s - with the other 18% made up of 5 other combinations.

As also seen for class 3a2, for this class/moneyer combination it is clear that all Ns are commonest, followed by other types.  The all H combination is the least scarce of these others.

Collectors may want to seek out 3b coins of non-NNN type.


A Look at The Reverse Lettering - London, Class 3b, Nicole

Data taken from Churchill and Thomas (2012) Brussels Hoard publication.