This imitation of a class III coin is quite worn and corroded but just readable in hand.



Weight... 1.08 gm

Coin ref # CIF 5090

Coin ref # CIF 5500

Some, e.g. North, believe that this type of coin was issued by the Lords of Kuinre, whereas others believe they were issued by Henry I of Sternberg.  None of these were found in the Brussels or Colchester Hoards.

Coin ref # CIF 5137

Page updated: 15/07/2017.

Obv: hENRICVS COMES, oval eyes. Sceptre. Well-formed central fleur.

Rev:  DAV/IOA/[___]/[___]

RIC: 9.

​​Notes: A Dutch metal detecting find purchased by Glenn Schaap.

Coin ref # CIF 5091

​The Long Cross Pennies of Henry III 

Coin ref # CIF 5092


The following two coins were both found by metal detectorist Mark Visser in a Friesland field at Sexbierum, a coastal village near Harlingen. They occurred in conjunction with a number of genuine English Henry III pennies,

Obv: hENRICVS REX III -NR ligated, oval eyes. A good imitation of an English obverse.

Rev:  COM/ESh/ENR/ICVS, NR ligated. RIC: 9.

​Weight.............................. 1.39 gm

​Notes: Weweler 62c; Slg. Weweler 1099. A little off-centre, otherwise very fine, rare.  Images courtesy of DNW, coin auctioned 11th Feb 2015, lot # 335. Ex Jim Sazama collection, ex Westfälische Auktionsgesellschaft Auktion (Arnsberg), 24 September 2007, lot 1354.

A class 5 imitation, with partially unclear obverse legend, which appears to read hENRICVS REX III as per a genuine English coin. The reverse legend shows it is of continental origin, it reads ..


Weight... 1.30 gm

Sternberg, Henry I, Sterling, Long Cross imitation, rev. comes henricvs, 1.38g/11h (Weweler 63a; Slg. Weweler 1101, this coin). Nearly very fine but pierced.


Images courtesy of DNW and Glenn Schaap. Coin auctioned by DNW in February 2015, lot #80, and now in Glenn Schaap's collection.