​The Long Cross Pennies of Henry III 

Obv: hENRICVS COMES, oval eyes. Sceptre. Well-formed central fleur.

Rev:  DAV/IOA/[___]/[___]

RIC: 9.

​​Notes: A Dutch metal detecting find purchased by Glenn Schaap.

Coin ref # CIF 5500


The following two coins were both found by metal detectorist Mark Visser in a Friesland field at Sexbierum, a coastal village near Harlingen. They occurred in conjunction with a number of genuine English Henry III pennies,

Coin ref # CIF 5092

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Coin ref # CIF 5091

Coin ref # CIF 5137

This imitation of a class III coin is quite worn and corroded but just readable in hand.



Weight... 1.08 gm

Some, e.g. North, believe that this type of coin was issued by the Lords of Kuinre, whereas others believe they were issued by Henry I of Sternberg.  None of these were found in the Brussels or Colchester Hoards.

A class 5 imitation, with partially unclear obverse legend, which appears to read hENRICVS REX III as per a genuine English coin. The reverse legend shows it is of continental origin, it reads ..


Weight... 1.30 gm

Sternberg, Henry I, Sterling, Long Cross imitation, rev. comes henricvs, 1.38g/11h (Weweler 63a; Slg. Weweler 1101, this coin). Nearly very fine but pierced.


Images courtesy of DNW and Glenn Schaap. Coin auctioned by DNW in February 2015, lot #80, and now in Glenn Schaap's collection.

Obv: hENRICVS REX III -NR ligated, oval eyes. A good imitation of an English obverse.

Rev:  COM/ESh/ENR/ICVS, NR ligated. RIC: 9.

​Weight.............................. 1.39 gm

​Notes: Weweler 62c; Slg. Weweler 1099. A little off-centre, otherwise very fine, rare.  Images courtesy of DNW, coin auctioned 11th Feb 2015, lot # 335. Ex Jim Sazama collection, ex Westfälische Auktionsgesellschaft Auktion (Arnsberg), 24 September 2007, lot 1354.

Coin ref # CIF 5090